July 18

Editor’s Letter: Embrace The Magic Of One Small Change A Day

It’s as good as a mini-break, we promise

British Singer-Songwriter Aluna Francis Is a Storytelling, Synth-Pop Powerhouse

From female empowerment to life on the road, PHOENIX gets the lowdown on what matters to AlunaGeorge’s frontwoman


Boss the Boardroom in this Season’s Colour Block Suiting Trend

It’s power dressing – with a splash of sunshine

Charlie’s No Angel

Own this summer’s seventies trend with idiosyncratic accessories and a blush pink palette 

Turn Your Underwear Into Outerwear With This Season’s Slip Dress Trend

From silk to gingham, these spaghetti-strapped beauties are seductively versatile


Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Summertime calls for strawberry jam lips, lacquered lids, and slick, black lashes 

Mirror, Mirror

Fashion and beauty get reflective with metallic finishes, shimmering pigments and the dewiest skin

From Mineral Shower Wash To Cult-Hit Mascara: The Beauty Buys We’re Investing In This July

Revamp your beauty hoard with the latest, greatest products

Protect Your Beach-Blown Tresses With Anabel Kingsley’s Holiday Hair Hacks

Biotin supplements and pre-shampoo Elasticizer treatments are your friends this summer


Read a Feminist Graphic Novel, Download a Money-Tracking App and Wear a War Child Tee: 9 Must-Buys for July

Buy less, buy better, buy these

Put a Summer Spin on Sports Luxe With Our Digital Editor’s Ultimate July Outfit

That green!

Stop Talking, Start Doing: 5 Ways to Reduce Your Plastic Waste Now

Because every little really does help

5 Need-to-Know Take-Outs From Stylus’ Decoded Future Summit 2018

Stylus’ head of fashion on embracing change, consumer collaboration and viewing sustainability as a business necessity

4 Original and Brilliant Ways to Protest Trump’s UK Visit

We do not endorse any of these excellent suggestions

The Importance of Being Idle: 10 Ways to Build Free Time Into Your Week

Idler Editor Tom Hodgkinson prescribes cycling, early nights – and turning your damn phone off


Debate Future Tech, Celebrate Ice Cream and Dine 100ft High with July’s 9 Best London Events

Add straight to Google calendar

Secret of Marrowbone Delivers Slow-Burn Scares – But Does It Mine The Horror Greats Too Heavily?

Strong performances, stately shocks and timely themes are the hallmarks of this low-budget chiller

Would You Want to Live Forever? Rachel Heng Shakes Up Our Ideas About Death in New Novel Suicide Club

The debut author discusses immortality, inequality and the chilling pull of ‘wellness’

Three Game-Changing Americana Acts That Aren’t From America

This is Americana without borders, ya’ll

Lift Your Mood With Alxndr London’s Soul-Stirring Afrofuturist Playlist

Erykah Badu, Tribe Called Quest and Earth Wind & Fire? Yes. Please.

Following Avicii’s Tragic Death, What Changes Need to Happen in the Music Industry?

The life of a touring DJ comes with well-documented, complex issues – and those need addressing, fast

From Neoclassical Soundscapes To Synth Pop Belters: Here’s What Our Music Editor Is Listening To In July

With some Rudimental thrown in because, y’know, heatwave

Danish Film Director Nadia Marquard Otzen on Discovering Bergman, Awkward Dancing and the Cultural Influences That Shaped Her Career

“Fascination is the driving force”

Art & Design

“Sometimes Cruel, But Still Exciting:” Legendary Catwalk Photographer Chris Moore on His Incredible Six Decade Career

Ahead of a new retrospective, the fashion photography pioneer talks supermodels, style and the designers inspiring him now

Bring Natural, Handmade Textures Into Your Home With Our July Interiors Edit

From rattan chairs to hanging rope baskets, here’s how to nail undone, summer-ready décor

Food & Travel

Make the Most of Summer Dining with PHOENIX’s Best Alfresco Restaurants in London

Aperitivos at Floral Court and dancing at Netil360 make the city a midsummer dream

From Red Thai Monkfish To Cauli Steaks: Up Your BBQ Game With Mindful Chef

Say goodbye to cremated chipolatas

Make the Most of Mexico City with Actress Ana De La Reguera ‘s Insider Guide

Music in the park, ceviche at the market… this is city chilling, Mexican-style

New West London Hotspot LAYLOW Has the Character to Match its Style Credentials

From its laidback roof terrace to its lively basement club, this bar-restaurant-club hits all the right notes

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