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Danish Film Director Nadia Marquard Otzen on Discovering Bergman, Awkward Dancing and the Cultural Influences That Shaped Her Career

“Fascination is the driving force”

Jihadi Boot Camp Documentary Path of Blood is a Frustrating, Voiceless Watch

While the lack of commentary and structure in Path of Blood may be indicative of the grim realities it depicts, it…

From Neoclassical Soundscapes To Synth Pop Belters: Here’s What Our Music Editor Is Listening To In July

With some Rudimental thrown in because, y’know, heatwave

Debate Future Tech, Celebrate Ice Cream and Dine 100ft High with July’s 9 Best London Events

Add straight to Google calendar

Would You Want to Live Forever? Rachel Heng Shakes Up Our Ideas About Death in New Novel Suicide Club

The debut author discusses immortality, inequality and the chilling pull of ‘wellness’

Lift Your Mood With Alxndr London’s Soul-Stirring Afrofuturist Playlist

Erykah Badu, Tribe Called Quest and Earth Wind & Fire? Yes. Please.

Secret of Marrowbone Delivers Slow-Burn Scares – But Does It Mine The Horror Greats Too Heavily?

Strong performances, stately shocks and timely themes are the hallmarks of this low-budget chiller

Following Avicii’s Tragic Death, What Changes Need to Happen in the Music Industry?

The life of a touring DJ comes with well-documented, complex issues – and those need addressing, fast

Enjoy Fresh Summer Sounds With Our June Playlist Feat. Scott Matthews, Róisín Murphy And DJ Kose

Pop your aural filter bubble and enjoy our eclectic mix of bright new summer tunes

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