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Make Your Instagram Feed a Better Place With These Inspiring Female-Fronted Accounts

From spoken word poets to political activists, meet the fresh new talents redefining their disciplines

Metaphysical Mystery Out of Blue Is Full of Big Ideas But Fails to Build to an Enjoyable Whole

Even a deliciously intense Jackie Weaver can’t pull this sluggish narrative out of its own black hole

Norwegian Black Metal Film Lords of Chaos Handles Dark Themes with a Lightness of Touch

Angst-riddled teens. Church burning. Deadpan voiceovers. Jonas Åkerlund delivers darkly subversive – not to mention compulsive – viewing

Hurt, Passion and Hope: Simon Amstell’s Benjamin is Like Your Cynical, Funny Friend

The comedian-turned-director finds gentle kindness and a sense of wonder in his juddering characters

How to Write an Effective Letter to Your Local MP

Hot under the collar about politics? Read on…

7 of the Best Books About Female Relationships for International Women’s Day

Mother-daughter bonds. Sisterhood. Friendships. Gang dynamics. The female relationships at the heart of these stories are full of integrity

Meet Kenzie, the New-Gen Superstar Tearing Down Toxic Masculinity

The rising alt-RnB star talks Kerouac, Cher and her obsession with teeth

From Turkish Delights’ Early House Vibes to Simple’s Bedroom-Pop: the Best New Music for March

From the intro titles of Edward Scissorhands to Moon River, we defy you to listen to this and not come…

Meet Kyan, the Raw New Talent of Poetic Pop Soul, Hailed by Nile Rodgers As ‘a Genius’ and a ‘Young Mozart’

Ahead of his highly anticipated debut album Nothing Beyond coming 2019, discover how this self-taught, self-determined musician from Cambridge made…

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