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What Party Political Conferences are Really Like (and How to Survive Them)

We’re all newly politicised, right? Then gird your loins and get involved in the political equivalent of Fashion Week…

From Champs to Clean Pants and Pepto-Bismol, Take a Look Inside Drag Queen Velma Celli’s Handbag

The West End drag diva gives us a glimpse inside her fabulous festive sac

Taste the Indian Summer with Homemade Ice Cream, and Get Nesting for Autumn with Plant Hangers and Homewares

The objects we’re loving for the month of September

From FROW Etiquette to Handbag Essentials: A Beginner’s Guide to Fashion Week

Don your trench, moderate your champs consumption, and don’t be afraid of a cheeky guest list blag

Editor’s Letter: Getting Back to Basics

Fashion week? Great TV? Nah, September’s all about the new pencil case…

Editor’s Letter: Pop Your Filter Bubble

As the pace slackens in summer, why not try something new?

From A Sports Bra To A Hangover Cure, These Are The 9 New Products You Need In August

Your monthly dose of consumerism, with the crap taken out

Who Will Be The Next British Prime Minister?

Orange misogynists, form an orderly queue

Editor’s Letter: Have You Heard The Good News?

You probably haven’t. But it does exist – and it’s okay to seek it out

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