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Don’t Rely on the Tate to Define ‘Queer Art’ – Get Out There and Discover it For Yourself

Swap the dead, white, male Queer British Art for emerging LGBTQ artists

9 Bright and Beautiful Objects to Bring Spring into Your Home

Swap out your copper for brass, go back to nature and get your green on for the hottest interiors trends…

Rest in Peace Howard Hodgkin, and Long Live the Easel

In light of the iconic painter’s recent death, Aindrea Emelife explores the idea that, even in a tech-saturated landscape, the…

Up Close and Personal with the Illustrator Reconstructing Femininity

French multimedia artist Safia Bahmed-Schwartz talks pornography, censorship and all things monochrome

Is Nudity a Dead End in Art?

Donna Huanca’s nudes thrill; Eddie Peake’s bore. So what separates raw art from posh porn?

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