In the years since PHOENIX was created, born out of fire and brimstone if you will, it’s the production of this – the Gods & Monsters issue – that has had the most profound effect upon me. In some ways it’s encouraging that in the age of selfies and hashtags it’s still those Big Questions of existentialism that have the power to resonate the deepest.

In this issue we’ve considered themes of faith, religion, spirituality, good and evil, and the occult – from thought provoking discussion such as our portrait shoot featuring religious teachers from the capital, to a humorous comment on brand worship in our women’s fashion story The New Commandments, shot by one of our favourite lens jockeys, Perou.

On our erratic travels we’ve met Mother Ayahuasca in a basement in Brixton, searched for Bigfoot in the Canadian Rockies, and been invited to watch the lunar eclipse with Moby in LA. You know we’re not your average style mag!

Oh, and don’t worry – we’ve also got the gospel on the latest trends this season… The Sixties has swung back into Fashion, which, if you follow the adage that hemlines rise and fall with the stock market, means we’re in for a knicker-skimming boom. Thank the Lord!

Words: Hannah Kane

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Visions shootBeauty shoot - Angels & DemonsPortrait feature - MoIvy LevanAccessories - SpikezillaPerou - The New Commandments

Moby interview
Soplo de Banco Puma by Pablo Amaringo

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