In our new series, ICEBAR’S Tom Hunter offers three drinks perfect for this sunshine-and-showers month

august cocktails

Summer may have proved to be something of a mixed affair this year, with dark and stormy days galore punctuating our brief encounters with the sun, but one thing the weather hasn’t dampened is our taste for summertime cocktail drinking.

Basically, if we can’t get our vitamin top-up from the sunshine, we’ll just have to make do with an extra dose disguised as a classic cocktail instead.

With that in mind, our three recommended cocktails for August emphasise the collision of summer and autumn in citrus and berry flavours, uplifting bubbles, plenty of ice and, hey, if it is going to rain, let’s make them purple.

The perfect aperitif – Suicide Blonde

Absolut vodka, fresh lime, elderflower cordial, Prosecco

Bubbly with a refreshing citrus kick

Squeeze the juice of four lime wedges into a mixing glass and don’t forget to drop in the wedges. Add 50ml of Absolut Vodka, 35ml of elderflower cordial and four ice cubes to the glass, then top up with crushed ice.

Shake well then add to a hurricane glass leaving space for a final top up of Prosecco for a bubbly finish.

Drink in the sun.

Start your evening in style – Purple Rain

Absolut Kurant vodka, Triple sec, Crème de Mure, blackberry puree, lime wedge

Vibrant, sophisticated and stylish

Add 5ml freshly squeezed lime juice, 25ml Absolut Kurant vodka and 25ml Triple sec to a mixing glass along with approx half a shot of Crème de Mure blackberry liqueur and 25ml blackberry puree.

Shake over ice for at least 10 seconds to chill properly then double strain into a martini glass. Finish with a single fresh blackberry garnish on the rim.

Pause before sipping, and watch as everyone else takes your lead and orders one too.

Post-dinner luxury – Crumble

Absolut Vanilla vodka, blackberry puree, cinnamon, apple juice, vanilla syrup, blackberries

Too hot to order dessert? Top your night with this perfect finale instead.

Add 2 to 3 fresh blackberries, a pinch of cinnamon powder and 10ml of vanilla syrup to a mixing glass and muddle gently before adding in a squeeze of blackberry puree and a good measure (50ml) of Absolut Vanilla vodka. Top up with apple juice and ice, then strain into a hurricane glass over ice.

Add a top up of crushed ice to the glass as a support for a final generous spoonful of crushed biscuit base (digestives for preference) on top, and garnish with a fresh blackberry at a jaunty summertime angle.

Sit back and relax. Oh, and since you’re already treating yourself after dinner, why not get a cab home too?

Words: Tom Hunter @ICEBAR_LONDON

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