When the trailer to ‘Advanced Styling: Documentary’ hit our laptop screens we couldn’t wait to create our own little “Must Watch Fashion Documentaries’ list, from the old to more recent ones, there’s just so many to choose from! 

While the exaggerated reality of Hollywood fashion films like ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ are definitely a must in your DVD collection, take a break and instead grab a hold of these revealing documentaries. With a perfect mixture between entertainment, a good dose of drama, and a real scoop into the workings of the industry, documentaries are the best way to spend a night indoors nurturing your fashion knowledge.

Advanced Styling (2012)


Ari Seth Cohen roams the streets of New York in a non-stop search for ladies of a certain age who aren’t afraid to experiment with their garb. He’s documented his mature characters via street style photography and intimate interviews. The blog has become so popular, and has garnered such a loyal fan base, that not only has a book already been released less than a month ago, but this full length documentary is being shot as we speak. Set for release sometime this year in select theatres worldwide, ‘Advanced Style’ is sure to make a great addition to our collections and reminds us that style doesn’t need to have a ‘best before’ date.

The September Issue (2009)


No one knew what to really expect when R.J. Cutler was granted exclusive and behind the scenes access to American Vogue and Anna Wintour’s work ethics during the production of the magazine’s 2007 fall issue. This documentary gives an amazing insight not only into the incredible amount of work that goes into building a fashion magazine, but the real pull  is a fascinating insight into Editor in Chief Anna Wintour and her relationship with flame-haired Creative Director Grace Coddington – providing touching intimate moments.

Bill Cunningham: New York (2010)


Bill Cunningham is a renowned fashion photographer who, at over 80 years of age, still cycles around New York practicing. He saw his start as a journalist but subsequently moved into New York street style photography, work for which he was much more recognised and lauded for. Released in 2011, this little documentary manages to encompass the photographer’s long career and his talent in a charming way, showing us how with only a bicycle and camera as workmates companions, his positive approach and his true love for style had an impact on the New York scene.

Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton (2007)


In this TV documentary, released back in 2007, we are taken on a journey alongside the famed and talented Marc Jacobs – Louis Vuittons’ director (a role he was appointed in 1997) as he vigorously works on the completion of his work. It’s an artist’s journey seen through his eyes, step by step, seam by seam.

The Tents (2012)


Directed by newcomer James Belzer this is another one set in New York. ‘The Tents’ will take you into the magical A List world of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at its original home in Bryant Park, the film has incredible commentary by the likes of Carolina Herrera. Learn about the history of the event and its significance to the city where it takes place.

Picture Me: A Models Diary (2009)


Ever wondered what being a model must feel like? Is it really all nice clothes, endless compliments, and a luxurious lifestyle?  One look at this documentary will have you wondering no more. Sara Ziff; once a staple face on Tommy Hilfiger and Stella McCartney campaigns worldwide, tells her from the very beginning, showing us the pretty and the ugly of the modeling industry. Let’s just say it’s not like Tyra Banks makes it out to be on ‘Americas Next Top Model’…

– Walter Ugarkovic

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