Be inspired by Soviet style 

2013 was the year in which fashion was firmly held in minimalism’s steely grip – the catwalk dotted with cookie cutter silhouettes and space-age simplicity. But as 2014 approaches, prepare for a backlash – an aesthetic of excess.

Dolce & Gabbana has paved the way for this look with their AW13 collection, inspired by Italy’s rich artistic heritage, featuring mosaic-inspired prints and bejeweled dresses; it is Russia, however, with its tradition of luxe fabrics and sumptuous embellishment, which will inspire the new year’s wardrobe. Think of the warming opulence of Anna Karenina, the rich detail of faded fairy tale picture books, topped off with a hint of sturdy utilitarianism – vintage is the key to achieving this authentic treasure-trove aesthetic.

The Russian redux has spread to the party scene with one of our new favourite haunts Ruski’s Tavern, a caviar and vodka tavern originally established in 1893 St Petersburg and re-opened in Kensington this year, which has become the watering hole for a new generation of bright young things. On entry, visitors are transported into another world of faded Soviet propaganda, distressed walls, and plush red velvet seating.

This trend is ideal for those wanting to take an imaginative twist on traditional formalwear, so we’ve gathered a few of our favourite Russian-inspired pieces to spark your imagination.

Trend Spot | From Russia With Love

Emilio Pucci sequin dress
£4,885 –

One Vintage velvet jacket

Drew-dry Russell & Bromley Boots


Words: Joy Starkey

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