The Boys of E.Tautz Spring Summer 2014

London Collections MEN Ben Waters with Models 1 Backstage at E.Tautz

Name: Ben Waters
Agency: Models 1
What did you have for Breakfast? A Banana

London Collections MEN Fion with NEVS Backstage at E.Tautz

Name: Fion
Agency: NEVS
What do you think about while walking? I hope I don’t fall over.

London Collections MEN Val at M+P Backstage at E.Tautz

Name: Val
Agency: M+P
Shows you are looking forward to? I’m enjoying every show I do.

London Collections MEN Elias with Premier backstage at E.Tautz

Name: Elias
Agency: Premier
What did you have for Breakfast? Crumpets

London Collections MEN Yannick Abrath with SUPA Backstage at E.Tautz

Name: Yannick Abrath
Agency: SUPA
What do you think about while walking? About my next cup of tea.

London Collections MEN Oliver Beard with Premier Backstage at E.Tautz

Name: Oliver Beard
Agency: Premier
What are you Looking forward to? The photos of the Burberry show.

London Collections MEN Almantas Petkunas with Elite  backstage E.Tautz

Name: Almantas Petkunas
Agency: Elite
What did you have for Breakfast? A sandwich

– Photography: Justin van Vliet

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