Name: Kurt Herbst
Agency: FM
Age: 19
Hometown: Cape Town

3 Likes: Playing guitar, cracking the top of crème brûlée with a tea spoon, good weather

3 Dislikes: Pop music, Gorillas (love them but they scare me), Jersey Shore

Best thing about being a model? Meeting the world’s craziest people and free haircuts.

Best bit of advice you’ve been given? Enjoy the little things.

What do you look for in a LOVER? Good sense of humor. Female. She can put up with me.

Sexiest co-worker? Ash Stymest

Did you have a dream last night? I was playing drums for a band on a right handed kit, I found this particularly strange as I play with my left. The excitement!

What was your last tweet? Loosing my Tweet virginity! @KurtHerbst

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