For this special edition of Male Model Monday Cecilie Harris chats with the Rigby twins, you can also find them in the latest issue of PHOENIX on sale now!

Names: Jake & James Rigby
Age: 20
Hometown: Blackpool
Agency: Nevs Models

Tell me about your model journey so far. What have been your highlights?

James: Paris, definitely Paris was a highlight of mine.
Jake: Yeah James met Usher!
James: When I met Usher at COMME des GARÇONS during the showroom, that was amazing. Just doing the Paris Fashion Week on the whole really. It was so busy and it was boiling – I got a little bit of a tan as well!

Did you do many shows?

James: Just did COMME des GARÇONS and the showrooms which was really good. Going into the big buildings, like the Versace building, just seeing inside is pretty amazing.

And what about you Jake, what have your highlights been?

Jake: This is going to sound cheesy, but everything about being in London and doing modeling is so much better than most things! I love being in London and having to go to castings and photo shoots. It’s everything about it!

What are your favourite things in the world?

Jake: I’m really into acting as well as modeling. I went to the Manchester School of Acting and I’ve done amateur things since I was 7 or 8, I guess that’s what I want to do as a career when I’m older… when I grow up haha!
James: I’ve played football all my life, it’s a bit boring haha. Yup football.
Jake: How boring are we!
James: Yup , very boring haha.

Nah you’re not boring! What’s your favourite song at the moment?

James: It’s a bit weird, but I like Tulisa’s new one, oh and James Arthur’s song ‘Impossible’; but I think it sounds better live so I don’t know if I like the recorded version or not.
Jake: I don’t like that song. I like Gangnam Style (proceeds to perform a cheeky bit of Gangnam Style… including dance moves)

Have you ever done those moves in public, Jake?

Jake: Nope that was the first time; maybe I’ll do them on the way to the station. We’ll film it and tweet it for you!
James: (doesn’t look convinced by this idea) Haha yeah…

What sort of fashion do you wear?

Jake: I prefer stuff where it’s a bit edgy and not too generic. Well for shoots I like edgy, but then for everyday life I like generic. It means I get to put something on that I wouldn’t normally wear everyday. That’s why I like the jacket today by Sibling!
James: For shoots I like wearing really nice suits. You feel like James Bond. For everyday though I’d definitely go comfy… like a onesie!

Next time you have to wear Onesies or I wont let you come in haha!

James: We’ll dance up to Gangnam Style in our onesies. That’s a plan that is.

Got any wise words of the lovely Phoenix readers?

James: Buy the magazine.

Cecilie: Very wise!

– Photography & Interview by Cecilie Harris

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