Name: Isaac Carew
Agency: NEVS
Age: 27
Hometown: London

Favourite place you’ve discovered in London? A tiny little beach down some grotty stairs in Wapping

Three likes: Food, women, sun

Three dislikes: Brussel sprouts, bad B.O., poverty

Best thing about being a model? The lifestyle of meeting people and the creative situations you can be immersed in

Best piece of advice you’ve been given? Bob and weave, duck and dive

What would you be if you weren’t a model? I was a chef, so I’d probably still be doing that

Did you have a dream last night? Yes…

What would your superpower be? Being able to fly. I went skydiving so thats been the closest thing to it

What do you look for in a lover? Every lover is different

What was your last tweet? To the guy in my gym reading a book whilst using the stair master.. you’re a knob @IsaacCarew

– Photography: Jamie Stoker
– Make up: Fiona Barry
– Shot on location at Studio 63 Sun Studios

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