Name: Ben Smallwood
Agency: NEVS
Age: 21
Hometown: Brighton, London
3 Likes: Egg & potato are both very versatile, Brad Pitt, the smell of oil paint
3 Dislikes: drop crotch tracksuit bottoms, indecisive weather, most people until I meet them.

Best thing about being a model? Money & Bi!@he$… Nah, would have to be the traveling and the creative heads you meet in the industry.

Best bit of advice you’ve been given? Don’t sleep through your jobs.

What do you look for in a LOVER? She should make me laugh, but more importantly find me hilarious.

Sexiest co-worker? Matthew Bell & Reece Sanders get me going.

Did you have a dream last night? Yeah! I had a dream I met Johnny Depp at a swimming gala and we became really close friends and spent Christmas with my family. Great guy. I miss him.

What was your last tweet? “Kelly’s mic is quite” (Superbowl) & “Gerrard makes me weak at the knees” (Football) normally they’re better… I promise. @BenSmallwood13

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