Be ahead of the game with our top tips for a fruitful Fashion Week 

‘Twas the eve before Fashion Week and the PHOENIX team was packing its survival kit; schedules were mapped out with military precision, outfits carefully curated and umbrellas locked and loaded.

This is a serious business and has taken us many seasons to perfect, with some hard lessons learnt (here’s looking at you, snakeskin boots) but for all you lucky newbies we’ve prepared a list of dos and don’ts for AW15. So sit back, relax, and do as you’re told.


Pack an iPad/tablet. This all-in-one wonder will become your BFF over Fashion Week: you can use it to make notes, take photos, Instagram, play angry birds, and it can even moonlight as a makeshift mirror. Just make sure you get a cool cover.

Remember sunglasses and red lipstick. After a long day of shows a bit of red lippy will transform you into a vision of after-party sophistication, while sunglasses will be your saviour the morning after.

Be weather savvy. This is England, kids. So choose light layers, a long-line coat, and bring an umbrella.


Go near those heels. Unless you’re one of the chauffeured elite, heels will make journeying between venues feel like the apocalypse, particularly if it’s 9am and you haven’t had your morning coffee. Just don’t do it, ok?

Discover what life was like before iPhones – so pack a charger. Micheal Kors‘ clever little lipstick charger allows you to top-up your battery on the go and won’t take up precious room in your bag.

Brave the Somerset House media lounge during peak times unless you want to witness a scene akin to a David Attenborough documentary – think peacocking bloggers and reporters prowling around the coffee machines. Instead go 5 minutes down the road to ME Hotel where they host a media lounge; a calm respite, complete with free wi-fi and suitably caffeinated beverages.

London Fashion Week Essentials
Words: Joy Starkey

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