Never ones to shy away from ‘doing a decade,’ this season PPQ channeled the Fifties, albeit seen through a very Eighties prism of block colour and black. Power dressing came in the form of brightly coloured coats with black accents, but the collection as a whole was sexy and flirty; sun dresses and prom dresses, bodycon evening gowns and a black chiffon baby-doll for after the after party.

A multi-colour graffiti print blazed across leggings, mini dresses and the collaborative Manolo Blahnik stilettos, which were a highlight of the show. A stunning black velvet catsuit, adorned with chiffon bows at the neck, waist and wrists spoke of rock and roll, whereas a pink polonecked mini dress – slashed vertically to reveal some serious cleavage – was one hundred percent glamour girl.

Evoking pool side cocktail parties in glamourous American resort towns, the PPQ girl is the life and soul – bold, brash and maybe a little bit bonkers. A very fun collection, but I would have liked to see a little more of the PPQ edge, a little something added to the nostalgia to make it less derivative and more relevant to now.

Charlotte Gush

– Photography: Christopher Dadey

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