It was Terry Wogan who introduced Pam Hogg to the nation as a “cult hero” back in the 90’s and still she continues to impress and innovate fashion, music and culture with a rich history of beating the drum at the heart of London’s creativity.

Sitting only her nearest and dearest friends on the front three rows of her AW13 show the room played as a who’s who of 80’s pop culture and 90’s club scenes all alongside the current eager minds of fashions young and talented. Pam Hogg continues to create punk clothing, often with PVC catsuits, sheer on matt, and mummifying models. Yet there is always a surprise and distinct difference in tone and feeling in each of her shows. AW13 saw Hogg play with the notion of balance apparent even through her casting of the English National Ballet dancers. Dancers balanced their way up the catwalk in precariously placed head pieces performing what can be described as contemporary free form dance at the end of the runway. Elegant evening wear was exhibited alongside full frontal nudity with open patent jackets and sculptural dresses in red and black as platform shoes made some models close to 7ft.

Many individual garments were applauded as they moved down the runway in what seemed to be a perfectly choreographed¬†show, and as ever the highlight was when Pam Hogg herself took to the catwalk in this season’s catsuit. It is often believed that in an age where it is accepted we are living in the postmodern era that you may have to look back to look forward. Thus we owe thanks to continuous innovators such as Pam Hogg who keep pushing our own imaginations and creativity in a unique way making London the centre of inspiration that it is.


Declan Higgins

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