Dropping by Pringle of Scotland for breakfast is somewhat a staple at London Fashion Week. You can always rely on them for that strong coffee in the morning before tackling a full day of runway shows.

And this is the thing; you can always rely on Pringle. Providing the essentials, you know what you are going to get but it is always fantastically refreshing and surprising. The air is always crisp and the casting fantastic, seeing James Gatenby in a trench, matching patterned tailored trousers and bright white knit then being able to get up close to touch the garment then offered a canapé is the kind of service Pringle provide.

SS14 is the season where Massimo Nicosia (who was on hand to take anyone through the collection) draws inspiration from Scotland’s deep cultural history of tartan, kilting and sturdy wearable materials. Brilliant whites provide the balance, while prints inspired by archival 1960s Pringle collections were dotted throughout the collection.

The silhouette is simple and in keeping with classic Pringle – straight line leg and shirts with an almost sporty clean line departed knitwear which hangs free with either round or V-neck. A leather bomber stands out in the collection, it highlights what makes Pringle so strong and forever loveable – they never stay standing still, they know what they are good at but always move forward with ambition to create fantastically structured, good-looking and wearable garments.

Words: Declan Higgins

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