‘Innovative familiarity, personalised basics, urban classic and utilitarian elegance’, were the four short phrases which characterised Lee Roach’s hard-hitting, militarised SS15 collection.

Mossy camo green, deep black and stark white were the three earthy hues that reigned – a simplicity which united each look with a satisfying aesthetic wholeness. White jeans were worn with fitted green vests, loose shirts and tailored coats, which were stripped to their bare bones with a utilitarian yet elegant rigour.

Sloganed jerseys, mesh fabrics and hiking hoods in bold reds brought an outdoorsy, boot-camp edge to the collection, while unusual open-backed waterproof waistcoats, held together by thick rucksack straps, presented an interesting contrast to the classical tailoring and layering.

Words: Joy Starkey

LRSS15 001 LRSS15 002 LRSS15 003 LRSS15 004 LRSS15 005 LRSS15 006 LRSS15 007 LRSS15 008 LRSS15 009 LRSS15 010 LRSS15 011 LRSS15 012 LRSS15 013 LRSS15 014 LRSS15 015 LRSS15 016 LRSS15 017 LRSS15 018 LRSS15 019 LRSS15 020 LRSS15 021 LRSS15 022 LRSS15 023 LRSS15 024 LRSS15 025 LRSS15 026 LRSS15 027 LRSS15 028

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