For SS15 KTZ created armour for the trend-savvy urbanite, taking ‘urban warrior’ to a whole new level.

Held in the shadowy industrial space of the Old Sorting Office, KTZ’s show was a theatrical affair inspired by the pagan gods and ancient idols of ancient Greece. Despite its archaic roots, the collection was from far from outdated, with sporty silhouettes being perfectly fused with geometrical Greek prints.

Gladiator-style man skirts (mirts?) were worn with sculpted breastplates, loose boxing robes and gold leaf necklaces, and bizarre yet beautiful leather centurion helmets topped the gladiator-inspired looks – offering a unique alternative to this year’s baseball cap trend.

Drawing from Greek vase painting, orange black and white hues dominated the collection, creating an distinct history museum-come-industrial-wastelad vibe to the proceedings. The best however, was saved till last, with beautiful chain mail, made out of glinting oversized sequins, embellishing urban tank tops and sweaters; the most fabulous armour we’ve ever seen.

Words: Joy Starkey

ktz_men_ss15_001 ktz_men_ss15_002 ktz_men_ss15_003 ktz_men_ss15_004 ktz_men_ss15_005 ktz_men_ss15_006 ktz_men_ss15_007 ktz_men_ss15_008 ktz_men_ss15_009 ktz_men_ss15_010 ktz_men_ss15_011 ktz_men_ss15_012 ktz_men_ss15_013 ktz_men_ss15_014 ktz_men_ss15_015 ktz_men_ss15_016 ktz_men_ss15_017 ktz_men_ss15_018 ktz_men_ss15_019 ktz_men_ss15_020 ktz_men_ss15_021 ktz_men_ss15_022 ktz_men_ss15_023 ktz_men_ss15_024 ktz_men_ss15_025 ktz_men_ss15_026 ktz_men_ss15_027 ktz_men_ss15_028 ktz_men_ss15_029 ktz_men_ss15_030 ktz_men_ss15_031 ktz_men_ss15_032 ktz_men_ss15_033 ktz_men_ss15_034 ktz_men_ss15_035 ktz_men_ss15_036 ktz_men_ss15_037 ktz_men_ss15_038 ktz_men_ss15_039 ktz_men_ss15_040 ktz_men_ss15_041 ktz_men_ss15_042 ktz_men_ss15_043 ktz_men_ss15_044 ktz_men_ss15_045 ktz_men_ss15_046


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