Fashion was a blank canvas for Common’s SS15 show, with a minimalist collection which waved goodbye to this year’s print revival.

White (described by Safir Bakir, one of the brand’s design duo, as ‘cleanliness personified’) took centre stage throughout the presentation, resulting in a collection which moved away from Common’s signature bold print.

Harking back to 90s grunge, denim was a key fabric for SS15: bleached into obscurity and worn with pool sliders and embellished white sweaters. In the absence of colour, texture provided the visual interest, with intricate barely-there embroidery – inspired by elaborate tattoo needlework – and high-shine silver bombers, which offered a metallic sheen amongst the snowy whites and soft greys.

Words: Joy Starkey

common_ss15_001 common_ss15_002 common_ss15_003 common_ss15_004 common_ss15_005 common_ss15_006 common_ss15_007 common_ss15_008 common_ss15_009 common_ss15_010 common_ss15_011 common_ss15_012 common_ss15_013 common_ss15_014 common_ss15_015 common_ss15_016 common_ss15_017 common_ss15_018

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