Name: Andrea Lindstrom
Agency: Union Models
Age: 19.5
Hometown: Stockholm, but I have many homes
3 Likes: Snowy mountains, things that are weird, and London is pretty cool as well
3 Dislikes: Scouts, competing & Bananas

Best thing about being a model? You get to travel the world, meet great people see beautiful places and get amazing memories.

Best bit of advice you’ve been given? Stay yourself not matter what and don’t smoke!

What do you look for in a LOVER? I’m not desperate, I don’t look for anything special, I want him to surprise me.

Sexiest co-worker? Ah that’s a tough one, can think of a few haha!

Did you dream last night? Maybe I did… I have the worst memory.

What was your last tweet? Not really a tweeter, think it might have been a cry for help to actually understand it.

– Photography: Vicki King

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