British designer label Cinderela B is making a buzz with these limited edition Liberty print charm bracelets. The bracelets will help raise money for the BBKA (British Beekeepers Association), the UK’s leading organization in supporting honey bees and beekeepers. The goal? To promote the craft of beekeeping and fund research to learn more about these inspiring and community oriented insects.

At a bargain price of £19.95, in either gold or silver plate with Liberty’s trademark flower designs, these bracelets are sweet in every sense.

Founder of Cinderela B, Rachel Jackson, explained her involvement in this project: “Honey Bees play such a massive role in helping to keep nature in balance so we wanted to do our bit to help ensure that they continue to thrive”. So how exactly do bees do this?


1). Honey bees are one of the worlds most important pollinators. One in three mouthfuls of the food we eat is dependent on pollination. There are various estimates of the economic value of pollination in the UK ranging from £220m to £450m per annum.

2). A full sized colony of honey bees at its peak in summer will have up to 60,000 bees.

3). Honey bees go through the winter with a colony of workers and a queen – with other bees and wasps it is just the queen that lives through the winter

4). Queen bees lay on average 1,500 eggs per day in the active season. Every female egg has the potential to be a queen – the workers decide.

5). The virgin queen mates a couple of days after emerging, with as many as 15 drones, meaning that all worker bees born from that queen are either half or full sisters – in other words, they have the same mother and one of 15 fathers.

6). Honey bees swarm because they are looking for a new site to form a new colony. It is a natural and positive means of population increase.

Walter Ugarkovic

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