Goldfrapp 3

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Are you a fanatic about photography? Do you like to take an image that tells more than one story? Goldfrapp has released an innovative iPhone and iPad app called Tales Of Us, which combines two photos into one, creating something completely unique in only three simple steps. Goldfrapp takes all other photo apps to a new level, producing a technique that combines the tone, colour and vision into your image allowing you to generate double exposure shots.

If you’re as indecisive as we are then the shake feature will assist you in finding two random photos, which may lead to some interesting choices. Then the fun begins. With the built in features you can further adjust your images to create a distinct look to your photos.

The final step is to share your masterpiece. The share button will give you the option to share your photo via Email/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Share with Goldfrapp. Share with Goldfrapp gives you ‘the Goldfrapp experience’ this will send your image to Allison Goldfrapp, the person behind the app, She will be selecting her favourites to display on the website.

GoldfrApp, Tales Of Us is priced £0.69, to download click here.

Words: Leonie Benaiah 

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