A beauty supplement designed by The Body? Pay close attention…

Oh, supplements. With their waist-whittling ingredients and pound-shedding promises, it’s hard not to fall for the green, powdery hype. But with more and more of the health-boosting bottles focusing on quick weight loss and easy detoxing, their promises are often as controversial as they are enticing.


The supplement market is currently a particularly crowded place to be, but any health product backed by the ultimate supermodel is bound to command our undivided attention.

WellCo’s Super Elixir is the result of a collaboration between Dr Simone Laubscher and Elle MacPherson, and could well be your new best health-boosting friend. The powdered supplement is based on a concept of wellness, rather than physical health (read: weight loss,) as Elle believes that spiritual, emotional and physical wellness are closely interrelated, and such holistic success is not achieved simply by a regular gym compulsion, or a well-stocked cabinet of face creams.

Super Elixir is based on a concept of balance and strength, designed to support healthy nutrition as a cellular level and encourage the optimum function of 11 key human body systems including: the digestive, endocrine, integumentary (hair, skin and nails,) circulatory and nervous systems.

Elle tells us that the key to such all-encompassing health is living in a state of alkalinity: our bodies are at their wellness peak when in an alkaline state. Unfortunately for most of us, this will rarely be the case: high acidity can be caused by a number of PH disruptors: stressful days, late nights, alcohol, red meat (sound familiar?) and this acid state is the culprit at the root of a LOT of health issues. The alkalising greens living within the powder work to return the body to its alkaline ideal, and so the resultant benefits are multi-faceted.

A 10g serving of the powder is said to provide your daily intake of vitamins, minerals and trace elements in a blend of 45 live ingredients including alkalising super greens, Chinese herbs, digestive enzymes and miatake mushrooms. But for some, perhaps Super Elixir’s largest draw is its diversity in usage. The powder should be ingested daily, and can be taken in water, blended in juices, or even sprinkled onto salads or yoghurt. (Elle recommends mixing into coconut water.) And the taste is remarkably pleasant, with a subtle lemony accent.

So, whilst nothing short of magic may make us physically comparable to Elle, following in her wellbeing mantra is an ideal place to begin, and we are drinking with dedication.

Words: Roberta Lister

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