There aren’t many occasions where I have travelled to the Kings Road, stripped off to my knickers and been wafted all over with fragrant smoke; in fact I can count the number of times I’ve done this on one finger. Thankfully for members of the public and my dignity, I wasn’t standing on the street itself, but tucked away in the cosy, tranquil basement of the Lush Spa.


A long-time fan of their quirky, ethical but hardworking products, this was my first experience of their spa treatments. I plumped for ‘Synaesthesia’, because at 80 minutes long, and working top to toe, it’s their signature experience – the equivalent of a full relaxation MOT for stressed-out, aching insomniacs such as myself.   

Firstly I sat at a large kitchen table, drinking water in hand, while I filled out a health-related issues form. So far so normal. Then my masseuse asked me to look at the wall opposite, on which inspirational words were written, choose the one which meant the most to me, and to write it on a little blackboard. After picking ‘ESTEEM’, I was told that my treatment would be based around this word, with the products specially blended for me, to help encourage ‘feelings of esteem’ within myself.


I was shown into the wet room, given a fluffy dressing gown and told to spend as long as I liked in the shower – using any number of Lush products liberally scattered around the room. Following this, I stripped off and lay on the massage table, covering myself with a huge towel, and rang a little bell. I felt like The Queen of Sheba summoning her handmaiden; ‘I could get used to this…’ I thought. I spent the next hour being oiled, stretched, rubbed and massaged with hot stones; all the while listening to a specially composed soundtrack, which was meant to summon the tranquility of a countryside walk, with birds tweeting and the occasional folk song.


It ended with me chilling with a cup of herbal tea – which was infused with some of the essential oils used in my treatment – helping myself to fruit, and refreshing myself with the many makeup products in the beauty room. I floated back upstairs to the Lush shop, where Emily – part of the Kings Road team – gave me a one-to-one skincare consultation, and I left with a selection of products expertly chosen for my particular needs. Even a train fire at London Bridge, and the resulting commuter chaos, could not dampen my spiritual high, and I swear I had the best night’s sleep for aeons.

Synaesthesia is just one of many Lush treatments you can choose from, and chatting to the other people gathered around the kitchen table – who were mostly returning for their second or third time – it seems that whatever you choose, you are guaranteed your very own bubble of bliss.


Synaesthesia: £125 for 80 minutes

123 Kings Road, SW3 4PL

For other treatments and spa locations, see the Lush website

Words: Suzy Nightingale

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