Yes, these anti-hangover elixirs actually work

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Let’s face it: sometimes, tequila happens. And over the festive period, it may happen a little more regularly than usual. When the evening situation gets a little messy, the morning situation is messier still. So when the relentless cycle of celebrations begins to take its toll, you need to make a pact with Faust.

Founded by self-confessed night-owl Nina Faust, Faust’s Potions are little vials of head-soothing, hangover-repelling magic, comprising a blend of natural vitamins, antioxidants and herbal extracts, specially designed to banish the symptoms of a boozy evening (they work wonders on jetlag, too.) Each pack contains two vials: the Asleep vial, with hydrating Electrolytes, 5 HTP and honey, relaxes the mind before hitting the pillow, whilst the Awake vial, with Green Tea, Guarana and Korean Ginseng, invigorates and calms nausea the morning after.

Take our word for it. Berocca is so 2010; Faust’s Potions deserve a permanent place in your bathroom cabinet.

Faust’s Potions are available at Cult Beauty and

Words: Roberta Lister

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