Independent perfumer Tom Daxon is a breath of fresh air

Tom Daxon

In a world drowning under the sickly scents of mass-manufactured big-brands fragrances, a niche perfume is something to be cherished. A signature scent should personify the wearer, not the famous face on the box. Yet in a world where hundreds of celebrity scents are unleashed every year, a carefully considered eau de parfum is a rare find. So for those of you who won’t be running out to pick up a bottle of Cher Lloyd’s Pink Diamond this weekend, may we introduce you to Tom Daxon.

Tom Daxon Bowers grew up in fragrant surroundings. His mother was a cosmetic chemist, who introduced him to the world of perfumery at a tender age. Now at the helm of his own company, he has kept it a family affair, enlisting close friends and perfumers Jacques and Carla Chambert to create his scents. The father/daughter duo, whom already have scents for the likes of Chanel and Guerlain in their roster, work independently from the commercially-focused fragrance giants, and source all raw ingredients themselves. The oils are blended in Grasse, and macerated and matured in England before bottling.

The collection comprises eight scents, all of which are unisex. For Tom, restricting a scent to either gender is a needless activity. “Women seem to really like the notes more traditionally associated with men’s fragrances, and visa versa,” he explains. “It just goes to show that gendering a smell is as pointless as it sounds.” However, for the conventional wearer, he advises Iridium for women, and Vachetta for men as good starting points.

The scents themselves are heady, (the range contains between 14-16% pure essence,) and linger on the skin for hours. The high point of the collection is Salvia Sclarea: a calming, green scent built around a heart of clary sage, blended with green violet and grass, and softened with a base of white musk. At the other end of the spectrum are Reverie and Vachetta: both offer a much more intense olfactory hit. On many, they may prove heady and overpowering, but on the right wearer they could be spectacular, and fit well with the bold, grown-up femininity pervading the fashion landscape right now.

October will welcome a new scent to the collection: Crushing Bloom marks Daxon’s first foray into florals, and comprises notes of Rose, Orris and Jasmine.

Daxon believes that, in an industry dominated by a handful of commercial big-hitters, people have grown to demand a more personal fragrance, something special to them. “More than just trying to smell ‘different'”, I think people are seeking greater quality and creativity than the mainstream sometimes offers.” And Daxon’s debut fragrance line provides just that. These beautifully distinct scents cut through the mist of the same-old smells and leave a truly lasting impression.

Tom Daxon is exclusively available at Liberty.

Words: Roberta Lister




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