Discover the organic skin range which is making us glow (in every sense of the word)

The nature vs. science debate is one which has been long been dividing beauty aficionados: on the one hand, there’s the incredibly impressive (and often jargon-laden) claims of the technologically-innovative mega-brands, and on the other are the markedly more modest, yet reassuringly honest, claims of the organic purists.

Today we are erring on the side of Team Organic, with a little persuasive push from organic skincare brand Ilcsi. This little-known gem is bolstering the emerging trend for natural products, which are so fresh that they require refrigerating. Hailing from Hungary – the home of covetable complexions – Ilcsi is a super-natural skin brand based around the belief that a cure for every skin complaint exists within nature.

Originally founded back in the 1980’s by Danielne Molnar (that’s Aunt Ilcsi to you), the brand launched into the UK earlier this year, after seeing huge surge in success over the last 12 months. Ilcsi is somewhat of an industry treasure in Hungary, where it has been awarded the coveted ‘Superbrand’ award every year for over a decade, and so naturally we felt compelled to test these super-organic waters for ourselves.

Ilcsi’s gargantuan roster of skincare products harnesses the beautifying power of over 100 herbs, fruits and vegetables. The difference here is that the live, active ingredients are always used. Not an extract in sight. For the sceptics amongst us, it’s worth noting that the depth of colour in each product changes with the seasons, so your super green facemask is, well, super green, because of the fruits and veggies held within in – not due to a heavy dose of colourant.

One of the standout winners from the dauntingly huge roster is the nutrient-rich Apricot Gel Mask, which promises to rehydrate and restore vitality to a malnourished complexion. It’s full of fruit acids, which are renowned for resurfacing dull skin, and natural flavonoids which work to firm and tone. The powerful potential of this mask is quickly apparent after application; it tingles. But the effects are nothing short of incredible – your skin will glow. We’re not talking an artificial, heavy-dose-of-illuminator kind of glow, but the kind of lit-from-within luminance that rarely appears after less than 16 hours sleep.

Another favourite is the Sour Cherry Whip & Blackthorn Moisturiser, (which smells amazing – but that’s beside the point). It’s an easily absorbed, lightweight day cream, which quenches dehydrated skin whilst nourishing and toning. Its airy consistency works really well under make-up and is gentle enough to use everyday. It’s a winner in our books.

Hardened users of slickly packaged, techno-laden products may be alerted by the appearance of Ilcsi’s creations; they more closely resemble the contents of a juice cleanse than a luxury skincare set. However the results are so convincing you’ll wonder why you ever bothered downing those cold-presses. Take it from us, after a week acquainting ourselves with the healing powers of the super-natural, we believe our glowing complexions (and righteous expressions) make a strong case for the world of organic skincare. Get your super-fresh, made-to-order products now at and


Words: Roberta Lister

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