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Future Classics

Hey everyone, welcome to the Future Classics issue. This is also our fifth anniversary issue — it’s scary how the time has flown! So, what have we learnt over the last five years? That friends and lovers will come and go, the good ones will stick around, but all of them are surely there to teach you something. That life’s too short to work with assholes. (Oh, the tales we could tell…) So at PHOENIX our cover stars are picked not only for their talent, but also their ability to be excellent human beings — which some would say is more important! You’re going to love actress Gemma Chan and DJ Seth Troxler, both brilliant humans in very different ways. Nothing is worth sacrificing your health for. Your body is the only thing you get free in the world, so look after it. Always back up your hard drive. Try not to focus too much on social media, where everyone is seemingly more famous and better looking than you. It’s only half the story and everyone has their hang-ups. Your ability to accept your flaws will give others the confidence to do so too. The list goes on, but what we set out to do five years ago was to create a magazine that celebrates not only the best of British fashion and culture, but also aims to put a little heart back into the publishing world. So, thank you to our amazing readers, to my incredibly supportive and long suffering family and friends, and to everyone who has passed through the doors at PHOENIX towers and made us what we are today. Here’s to the next five years!

Words: Hannah Kane

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Inside the issue

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Acid Future | DJ Seth Troxler is the man putting culture back in dance music. Photography, styling and art direction by Moses
150427_GemmaChan_431 copy
Perfectly Human | Gemma Chan, star of hit new Channel 4 show Humans talks artificial intelligence, diversity and gender. Photography: Seb Winter, Stylist: Karl Willet, Beauty Director: Lan Nguyen-Grealis
Miami Vice | From Flamingo pink to Florida orange, men’s tailoring takes a turn for the zestier this season. Photography: Jonny Storey. Fashion Editor: Deborah Latouche
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Urban Light | Reflect glow back into the cityscape with lightweight, whitish layers. Photography: David Titlow, Fashion Editor: Nicole Smallwood
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The Illusionist | Dandy magician Ben Hart on the art of imagination. Photography: Will Whipple, Fashion Editor: Deborah Latouche
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Indigo | The new breed of denim. Photography: Nick Kelly, Stylist and Art Director: Crystal McClory
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Modern Exertion | Pair sleek technical fabrics with graphic prints; freedom to move has never looked so glamorous. Photography: Helen McArdle, Stylist: Natalie Read

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