Toast Valentine’s Day with Hix Fix, a Romantic Cocktail with a British Heart

Food & Drink

This favourite from London institution HIX uses all-English alcohol


Created by Jonny Jeffrey, the opening manager at HIX Oyster and Fish House, the HIX Fix has become the biggest selling cocktail across all HIX restaurants. It was originally put on as a special but quickly became a firm favourite thanks to its combination of toasty, spicy cuvée and rich cherry liquer. What’s more, with eau de vie from Somerset and sparkling wine from West Sussex winemakers Nyetimber, it’s an entirely local affair – and that’s always something to celebrate.


2 morello cherries in Somerset eau de vie
250ml Nyetimber



1.  Place a cherry with a teaspoon or two of the cherry liqueur in the bottom of 2 champagne glasses, preferably saucers.

2. Top up with 125ml of Nyetimber

3. Enjoy!


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