Graduate Fashion Week kicked off on Saturday, May 30th with not only impressive designs on the catwalk, but also stunning exhibitions and insightful GFW Live! Talks with top-notch guests. The enthusiasm was palpable at the four-day event, packed with innovation, inspiration and most importantly, the best in up-and-coming British talent. Here are some highlights from the best shows.

University of Central Lancashire


Voluminous skirts and vivid prints made a number of appearances on Saturday’s catwalk, evoking a fresh, summertime vibe.

Rising Stars

Rachel Page’s vibrant prints and clean silhouettes made for a standout set, while Jessica Leigh-Wall’s playful collection harked back to the 1950s with gingham and frilly details. Daniel Chu closed the show with stunning eveningwear pieces featuring eye-catching embellishments and equally memorable transparent headwear.

Standout moment

Megan Kimmance’s sporty menswear collection – complete with geometric details – was a hit, and was fittingly shown again at the Best of Graduate Fashion Week show on the final day.


Michael Egerton’s designs incorporated full skirts in punchy colours


Rachel Page’s pieces were modern and fresh


A new take on retro by Jessica Leigh-Wall


Handmade sequins at Daniel Chu


Megan Kimmance’s collection offered up a new level of sporty chic

UCA Rochester


Metallics (a prominent trend throughout the weekend) plus glittery details provided sheen on the catwalk, while exaggerated silhouettes brought drama.

Rising Stars

Rosheen Comerford Brunt’s pieces featured athletic details and were simple yet exceptionally chic, while Rebecca Kellett incorporated flashy embellishments and experimented with shapes to create beautifully designed sets.

Standout moments

Verity Esaw’s ‘Fast Food Forever’ collection was inspired by both vintage and modern signs and added a refreshing dose of humor and colour to the show. Lauren Ward’s pieces were lively yet gothic and were paired with balloons that spelled out: “I hate you”. Charming.

6Aman Jaswal played with proportions


Simplicity at Rosheen Comerford Brunt


Graphics at Rebecca Kellett


Bold typography by Verity Esaw


Lauren Ward’s dark and kitsch collection

UCA Epsom


Structured silhouettes prompted powerful catwalk moments, while sheer details made for a unifying feature throughout.

Rising Stars

A novel use of shape was incorporated into both Paula Talja and Naba Shan’s designs, evoking a progressive and dynamic feel.

Standout moments

There were engaging menswear looks from Holly Cooney, whose use of cellophane evoked a futuristic vibe, while Annie Bostock’s text-heavy designs were striking against a complimentary colour palette.


Heidi Stuttard showcased earthy tones


Brights and black at Paula Talja


Original shapes by Naba Shan


Prints by Holly Cooney


Text prints at Annie Bostock

Kingston University


The presence of thicker fabrics, such as knitwear, balanced out the popular weekend trend of sheer and mesh.

Rising Stars

Josh Read, who recently landed a role at Dior, wowed with his elegant collection which was inspired by the grandeur of the 1950s, incorporating lush fabrics with a no-holds-barred approach to colour.

Standout moments

Johnson Deng’s collection was resplendent with metallic pieces that screamed texture, while Shaun Harris sent minimalistic white mesh dresses down the runway that played with structure and shape.


Texture at Johnson Deng


Clinical looks at Hayley Young


Colour blocking at Josh Read


Words: Devin Howell

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