Step Into DJ Duo Ooh La La’s World


Zara Martin and Whinnie Williams reveal their essential party tracks – and snuggle up in key pieces by Charlotte Simone

Words  Aisha Nozari
Photography Jay McLaughlin

2017 is shaping up to be a full throttle year for queens of hands-in-the-air bangers Ooh La La, the DJ duo comprised of singer-songwriter Whinnie Williams and presenter Zara Martin. Outside of doling out old school RnB and vintage hip hop, Zara can be found collaborating with brand giants like SkinnyDip, while Whinnie will be penning new releases and plundering antique yards for treasures to fill her Margate location house. We caught up with the pair to talk New Year’s resolutions, favourite London hangouts, mantras and vintage Versace suits.

Hi Zara, hi Whinnie. Happy New Year! Speaking of which, are you big on resolutions? Anything you’re hoping to do differently this year? 
Whinnie: I’m hoping to enjoy the process of creating a bit more and be less interested in the outcome. It’s easy to miss the joy in something when your mind is on a goal elsewhere.
Zara: No, I always forget to make them. Mainly, I would like to be cast in The Fast & The Furious 9.

London Fashion Week is looming. Will you be soundtracking any of the after parties?
Z: Everything happens pretty last minute with London Fashion Week – but I’m sure we will be causing trouble somewhere!

Which collections do you most look forward to each season?
W: Burberry, Aquascutum, Topshop.
Z: Autumn/Winter! I love coats, because you don’t have to think too much about what you’re wearing underneath. I’m a lazy dresser.

What’s your failsafe song to get the party started?
W: Anything Rihanna.
Z: Whinnie loves Gravel Pit by Wu-Tang. It weirds me out that it’s her go-to song. But you do what you do, Whinster…

Most underrated music act out there right now? 
W: My music, ha! Oh and Jerry Williams is my new favourite singer ever, check her out.
Z: Whinnie Williams!

…And the most overrated (oh, go on!)? 
W: I can’t think.
Z: I don’t get Pitbull. But I’m sure he’s a very nice man.

Whinnie, we can’t wait to hear more music from you. What’s in store for 2017?
W: I have three or four songs coming out this year and I’m so excited to start creating videos and gigging!


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Everything happens pretty last minute with London Fashion Week – but I’m sure we will be causing trouble somewhere!

You’re also in the process of setting up a location house in Margate, Whinnie. Tell us about your plans for the house? Where do you source your vintage interiors?
Q: It’s a three storey Victorian house with lots of rooms to do, which is so exciting as I can get all my ideas out fully. I get a lot of my finds from eBay, like a few weeks back I bought an Art Deco pink bathroom suite for £100 and an entire floor of baby pink marble to go down for very cheap too. Margate also has a lot of amazing antique yards so I’ll be sourcing a lot from down here. You guys have to come down for a shoot when it’s done!

The baby pink marble sounds dreamy, count us in! And Zara, you recently teamed up with Skinnydip to create what might just be the best-looking headphone range we’ve ever seen. Can you talk us through the collaboration?
Z: Why, thank you! I just wanted to make headphones that went with my outfits – I met Skinnydip and it was a perfect brand fit. It’s been amazing to see them in stores, and it makes me so happy when I’m tagged in pictures of people wearing them!

Favourite unsung location in London?
W: A pie and mash shop in London Fields.
Z: The Curzon Mayfair.

Last book you read?
W: Just Kids, Patti Smith.
Z: Why Men Love Bitches, by Sherry Argov

Favourite Instagram account?
W: Chløë Black. She’s a babe.
Z: Kanye Doing Things.

SS17 trend you’ll be experimenting with?
W: I haven’t even looked yet!
Z: The shiny trend? I like all the metallics.

Most prized possession in your wardrobe?
W: My Versace vintage baby blue suit.
Z: I’m pretty protective of my shoe collection…

Words to live by? 
W: How do you choose to turn up today?
Z: Put it in a bubble and blow it away.

Beautiful inadvertent poem there, girls.

Photography  Jay McLaughlin
Makeup  Smashbox
Hair  Bumble & Bumble
Clothes  Charlotte Simone

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