We’ve all been there – it’s Saturday night, you reach for your favourite clutch bag… but there’s a problem. Your bulky bronzer and chunky lipstick won’t fit inside. You can’t take both. If this totally serious situation sounds familiar, you need to know about Bagsy – the new British beauty brand sent to solve your small-handbag dilemmas.

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All of Bagsy’s beauty products are designed with quality and functionality in mind. They’re easy to use – even in a dingy nightclub bathroom or a packed commuter train – and cleverly designed for easy portability.

What keeps this brand from falling into gimmicky territory is the genuinely impressive formulations. The ladies behind the brand previously developed products for some of the world’s biggest cosmetic companies, so they know exactly what works.

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The Ray of Sunshine bronzer is a star product – a warm, matte powder, without a hint of sparkle, pressed into a thin and unfussy compact that fits into a teeny clutch bag, with a mirror. We know this might sound rather standard, but just try naming another one on the market that ticks all these boxes. When it comes to application, use the brand’s luxuriously thick and soft mini Kabuki brush.

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Another genius pick is the Wonder Wand: a chubby pencil with a creamy concealer on one side and a highlighter on the other. It shouldn’t work, but it does. Finally, the Pretty Cheeks blush cream deserves a mention. Available in bright coral and a warm pink, it’s designed to be blended straight from the package onto the cheeks and pressed gently for a natural flush, negating the need for a blending brush.

Bagsy is available from FeelUnique.com

Words: Roberta Lister

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