More confirmations and announcements are being made surrounding London Fashion Week events as we get nearer the date. Vauxhall Scout Exhibition has announced a new batch of newbies on the rise from across the Britain and beyond to take a part in the showcase.

The exhibition space at Covent Garden’s Freemasons’ Hall will be overflowing with inventiveness and raw talent during London Fashion Week. Launching the 14th of September and running till the 18th, it will host fifteen fresh designers – a combination of Merit Award Winners, ‘Ones To Watch’, and International Prize Fund winners, all carefully selected to exhibit their work to the 12,000 or so visitors it attracts each season. Not only will this be an opportunity to appreciate their latest collections from up close but to also personally talk to the creators themselves and get the inside scoop on their craft.

So far Charlotte SimpsonEleanor AmorosoEmma J Shipley, Hana Cha, Hellen van ReesHeohwan SimulationJennifer MorrisLiz BlackLulu LiuManuela DackMASCMing Pin Tien, Patrick Li, Steven TaiTaeseok Kang, Timur Kim, and Yifang Wan have been announced with more to come soon.

Walter Ugarkovic

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