Claiming ‘we’re not buff, oiled up hunks and we don’t dive into the sea off cliff tops. We do things differently.’ BURTONWODE are a men’s underwear brand crafting quality garments that combine personality and comfort. With all products Made in England and stitched to last, BURTONWODE tell buyers to ‘Be Your True Self – Underneath It All’.

Providing quality throughout from packaging to garment BURTONWODE know how important attention to detail is, even in places not always on show.

PHOENIX caught up with BURTONWODE Director David Huglin to discuss the past, present and future of BURTONWODE.

When did BURTONWODE begin?

“July 2010. I was trying to work as an artist and sketched some PJ’s one day. The idea just grew from there.”

Do you design your own prints, or are they vintage prints?

“They’re my own for sure, but this current set of prints are inspired by vintage stuff. The bird print one can be seen either as a rip-off, or a homage, to William Morris and the Arts and Crafts scene. Take your pick.”

Are all your designs so British inspired?

“I wouldn’t say so. The Britishness of the firm is more about attitude. Hopefully it’s gently mocking and considered. I think that’s part of the British way.”

Where can we find your pants and for how much?

“On our website, Goodstead Edinburgh, Ideology Boutique Sheffield, Kafka Aberdeen, Pollyanna Barnsley, Six Whiting Street Bury St. Edmunds, Urban Excess London Online:, Glass Boutique, The Mandon Store. They are £26, and cheap at the price! So much works goes into these puppies!”

Who is your ideal stockist?

“Hard to say. There are a lot of people doing really good stuff out there. I really like where I’m stocked at the moment…but if I’m pushed to say someone I’m not with at the moment…I’d say Colette.”

What can we expect from you in the future?

“Something fun, purposeful and perhaps even thought provoking. I’m looking into intertwining some sort of pub-crawl idea in the next set of prints… Nothing definite, but it’s one idea. Needs fleshing out, but it’s one idea of many.”

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– Declan Higgins

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