With September only a few weeks, the team here at PHOENIX are now firmly focused on the upcoming London Fashion Week, and working hard on issue 8.

While clothes designers and their teams slave away preparing their undoubtedly stunning collections behind closed doors, the British Fashion Council has the deliverers of the bling bling working as hard. The return of the ROCK VAULT TWELVE exhibition has been announced after a sparkling debut showcase at February Fashion Week Exhibition.

Curated by jewellery design royalty Stephen Webste,r and sponsored by the International Palladium Board, the vault will bring together twelve of the most innovative jewellery designers, giving them a platform to expand and promote their businesses to national and international press and buyers.

Each of the following designers were handed an ounce of the lustrous precious metal that is Palladium and assigned to produce a ring before September that will be showcased in the West Wing of the Somerset House next month.

Alexandra JeffordFernando JorgeHannah MartinHillierHusam El OdehImogen BelfieldJo Hayes WardJordan AskillMelanie GeorgacopoulosSophie Bille BraheTomasz Donocik and Yunus and Eliza.


1) The element palladium (Pd) was discovered by English chemist William Hyde Wollaston in 1803 while he was processing platinum ore, but wasn’t used as a precious metal until 1939.  A UK hallmark for palladium was only introduced in January 2010. 

2) This naturally occurring white metal, one of the Platinum Group Metals, is being introduced as the contemporary precious metal of the future, its lightness, rareness, and strength being part of its appeal.

3) Palladium chloride was once upon time used and prescribed as part of treatment for tuberculosis.

4) If you’ve ever gone under the knife for a surgical procedure chances are the instruments used by the surgeon were made of the metal.

5) It can be beaten into a leaf, a similar procedure that can only be applied to few other metals like gold.

6) The largest use of palladium is for automobile catalytic converters.

7) Palladium is 30 times rarer than Gold.

– Walter Ugarkovic

– Image courtesy of Jordan Askill (last Rock Vault season)

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