Model Melina shot for PHOENIX Digital by Leigh Keily


Melinda Querel @ Milk Management
Photography: Leigh Keily
Make up: Jenna Jefferies

Fresh faced and energetic, plus size Canadian model Melina Querel is a warm and talkative character. She began modelling seven years ago at the age of thirteen; a tom boy at the time, she entered and won a modelling competition she and her father had heard about on the radio just for fun. After seeing how much she enjoyed the experience, Querel’s father approached Chantale Nadeau Model Placement whom she has been signed with since the start of her career.

Initially a straight size model, as she got older it became apparent that super skinny was not her natural shape. “At one point I was like ‘I can’t do this anymore!’ and moved into the plus size division about six months ago,” Querel says. “It’s more relaxing; they don’t force you to not eat”.

Having struggled with poor body image, she tried to hide her low self confidence but it eventually caught up with her with near disastrous consequences. Now, Querel is back in full force and happier than ever. “I feel the more you’re at your natural size, the more comfortable you are,” she says. “As long as you know you’re healthy, you don’t have anything to prove.”

Some of her old clients have been put off by her weight gain but with her newfound confidence, Querel knows exactly what work is right for her. “I’m a plus size model, what can I say? Book a straight size then if you want smaller!” she’ll say to them. “I can still move the same way and I have the experience.”

Arriving in London only a week ago from New York where she is primarily based, Querel has already signed with Milk Management and is excited to take on the city.

-Lily Niu


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