Full name:  Max Cocking

Age: 22

Hometown: Weymouth, Dorset

3 Likes: Swimming in the sea, clubbing, reading a good book.

3 Dislikes: When I’m singing and other people join in, when I wake up & realize I spent all my money & …

What’s the best flavor of ice cream? Coffee

If you could invent an Olympic sport, what would it be? Doing the splits & shimmying across the floor.

Favourite place in London? Telegraph Hill park in Brockley, or Frank’s Cafe & Campari Bar in Peckham.

Best chat up line? I prefer to skip the lines & just lassoo them, throw them over my back then return to my cave.

Who’s your celebrity crush? The Queen… Foxy

Tell us one thing about us that might surprise us… I’m just about to finish a degree in English Literature?

Photography: Damiana D’Ascenzi
Model: Max Cocking at Select
Grooming: Yelena Konnova
Hair: Lolo Paige

Max wears: Bandana Print Shirt in red by ASOS; short sleve blue top model’s own.

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