Name: Dominic Nutt
Age: 22
Agency: Models 1

What are your favourite things in the world?
Football or any sport, a good night out and my tracksuit trousers, baggy tracksuit trousers for a hangover… they’re pretty vital.

How good are you at football and long have you played?
Played my whole life; I like to think I’m alright. I played for an 11-a-side team, and 8-a-side team and a 5-a-side team so I play about 3 or 4 times a week. It’s my only way of keeping in shape, so I need to do it as often as possible haha!

What’s your favourite city that you have travelled to?
Tokyo was absolutely amazing. I was just lucky enough to meet some really nice guys out there; just the difference in people, in culture and everything was phenomenal. The way they work, the way everything’s done out there is just so different to everything that I’ve ever been exposed to, so that was amazing. I’d highly recommend it, you definitely have to go out there at least once in your life.

What was your favourite part of Tokyo?
I thoroughly enjoyed and shot a few times at the base of Mount Fuji. Going out there and seeing it up close and personal was just phenomenal.  I was so lucky with the weather; it was just absolutely stunning! I was lucky enough to get a few really good pictures on my phone so that was brilliant. And the food out there, when you can afford it is brilliant but mad expensive! Yeah it’s like £10 for a pint of beer!

What is your favourite thing about modelling?
The travelling. But I just love the new places, the new people, the new everything; I’ve never been one for sitting in front of a computer for a long. It’s just the fact that its constantly different and you get to experience so many different things, I’m just really lucky to be able to do so.

Let’s talk about catwalk, because you’ve done a lot of catwalk jobs. How do you enjoy that?
It’s such buzz! It’s unlike anything else I’ve ever done. My first ever catwalk was for Christopher Shannon at London Fashion Week a couple of years ago. I was so scared and nervous, ended up really enjoying myself. Like once you get out there, with the atmosphere; its unlike anything else you’ve ever done before. And once you get back off you just want to get back out there and its like all the attentions on you and for that 30 seconds you just feel like… ah its just brilliant!

What would be your dream show to walk for?
Ah I don’t know! My friend did a Lanvin show in China and he said that was an amazing experience and I’ve never been out there, so that would be brilliant to get out there and go and experience it. That would be awesome, or like a nice exclusive in Paris somewhere or something like that… that would go down a treat as well!

What is your favourite TV show to watch?
At the moment it’s got to be the Big Bang Theory.

Ah we are in LOVE with that show!
Haha yeah! If I’m not working, my day consists of waking up and then watching How I Met Your Mother, Rules of Engagement and The Big Bang Theory, and that sorts me out for about 3 hours.

If you could give advice to all these new boys coming into this crazy industry what would it be?
Just keep positive about it, not everyone’s going to like you, you’re going to have your market. So if someone does say no, just take it on the chin and don’t let it affect you, cause at the end of the day you can only enjoy it for a certain amount of time so just enjoy it while you can rather than letting it run your life. Enjoy the things you do and don’t let anyone else put you down.

– Photos & words: Cecilie Harris
– Dominic wears shirt by Molotov and shorts by Orri Henrisson
 – Grooming by Stephen Hamilton

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