Name: Ed Hayter
Agency: Models 1

This is what we need to know about Ed!
Born and raised in Muswell Hill, in North London. I study History and philosophy at Sussex University.

So you’re a writer AND an actor, you’ve got a lot of artist in you!
I’m trying to be. You can’t say you are one of those things until you’ve been published or made a film; otherwise you’re just aspiring like everyone else. Everyone’s an aspiring actor in this day and age aren’t they!

What are your favourite things in the world?
It’s so cliché now! Haha! It’s such a big world, the whole world… three things? Dancing, haven’t done enough of it recently, it always takes me away… its like my church. It’s euphoric. I haven’t been doing it enough because everyone’s going out to bars. I’m of the age where people stop going out to all the raves and are just going to the pub and gigs and stuff, which is cool but it’s hard to let go.

Laughing with strangers is another one.

What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for anyone?
God… Made tea for her in the morning…

That’s the most romantic thing?!
No… True romance… I don’t know… I’m not really the romantic type. I’m very rational. The notion of love is old fashioned now; no one really does monogamy and all these things, its gone its a bygone era. Nowadays its all fleeting love affairs and that kind of thing… there’s more romance in that I think. You can be romantic with someone you hardly know, you don’t have to build it up like it used to be. Its like when people give flowers now, its because you’ve done something wrong, not because you’re being a gentleman. I do the same, whenever I buy gifts its always for an apology. I was seeing a girl for three months, that’s the closest I’ve come to a relationship. And then I went to America, maybe the fact that I knew I was going away was what pushed it on to let me get really close to her. I left her boxing gloves… is that romantic?!

Now name some Dislikes.
Small people with umbrellas.

Especially being a tall model?
Yeah I get really nervous with my eyes, I have to wear sunglasses in the rain now just to avoid them. People who are dogmatic with music is another one, you know the ones who go to a party and only play their own music, force it on everyone. Arrogance with music is the worst thing, because its meant to be something that brings people together, and instead they’re dividing everyone and being judgmental based on it.

Have I said Facebook?

Why do you hate Facebook?
It’s like social cigarettes.

What about Twitter?
Just seeing what people tweet and its like there’s no cut off point between your private life and your public life. Especially in our industries, if you make it big in modelling or acting, you’re still doing PR, its still your work. Where do you really have time to yourself. If you’re going to be truthful you have to speak to someone one-on-one and we’re losing that. I think a true friend will come and speak to you, they’ll seek you out, and they wont stalk you on Facebook. I used to do that though, but I need to move on. It’s retrospective. We need to be able to look forward.

And I don’t like people who brag about drinking or taking drugs.

Interviews… Nah I actually quite enjoyed this!

– Photos & words: Cecilie Harris

– Ed wears designs by Orri Henrisson

– Grooming by Stephen Hamilton

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