Name: Ben Waters
Age: 19
Agency: Models 1

Tell us how you got into modelling.
One of the first times I visited London when I was around 16, someone told me that I should pay Models 1 a visit. But the timing wasn’t appropriate, as I didn’t live in London at the time. When I moved full time to London I thought I’d go back to see them and so I did.

What are your model experiences like so far?
I’ve done a couple of show seasons in Paris and a lot of editorial work. I have also done other things like a catalogue or a campaign in Milan. I like doing the shows the most, experience wise.

What’s been your favourite show to walk?
For both seasons in Paris I’ve walked for COMME des GARÇONS which was great fun…. Rei Kawakubo is one of my favorite designers, so it’s always an honour to be in it. And they always do something slightly different.

Can you give us some random facts about yourself?
Well I study womenswear design at Central St Martins. I live in Camden.

Who is your design inspiration?
I would say more archive things. I look at the women’s shows just to see what’s going on, but not so much as inspiration. I mostly look at old stuff in books or on the Internet. Looking back I like the old stuff of the 80s or 90s by Yohji Yamamoto or Margiela. Those kinds of things, which are a kind of a reinvention or deconstruction or recreation of something, rather than just dresses… how can you take apart a dress I suppose. How can you make it interesting? Pattern, a particular focus on pattern making in a new way.

What inspires you in general in life?
I look at a lot of artists and sometimes it starts from texts as well. I normally think of a character first, I think that’s why I want to do womenswear design. Characters are easiest to create through clothing, you can become a different person, you can bring something to life.

What are your 3 favourite things in the world?
Being productive makes me happy. Wine also makes me happy, wine or a good whiskey. I suppose maybe on the opposite side of being productive, going a bit crazy, you know just going out or dancing.

Are you a good dancer?
I only really dance when I’m at the point where I don’t care whether I’m a good dancer haha! Sorry those weren’t very good answers for my favourite things in the world. Maybe that’s what I’m looking for, that’s what life is, looking for that thing which makes you happy.

– Photos & words: Cecilie Harris

– Ben wears designs by Orri Henrisson

– Grooming by Stephen Hamilton

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