Name: Jordan Goodenough
Age: 18
Agency: Models 1

Is Goodenough your real last name?
That is my real last name yeah! I actually looked into it because everyone says ‘Oh Goodenough, that can’t be real!’ and apparently the story is that it was Vikings, they were called Goodnot or something. Vikings the first settlers in Britain! Yeah so I’ve got Swedish descent. But what happened was a woman ran off with her baby because her husband was abusing her, and then changed her name to Goodenough instead of Goodnot, so he couldn’t find her.

Are you the only family with that name then?
Well so far! I haven’t met anyone with the last name Goodenough as well.

Have you been to Sweden?
I haven’t been to Sweden actually, no. I need to travel. I’d like to though! I want to go over there and go skiing and stuff.

Are you good at skiing?
When I was really young I was good, I was wicked. I was bustin’ out the parallel slides and everything, like a pro! But then I went back two years later and I just couldn’t remember anything. I was like one of those people that snowplough down the hills really slowly, looking all sketchy and I had trouble getting off the ski lift and stuff, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to rebuild my skiing skills at some point!

Do you do any other sports?
I did do a bit of rugby, but I gave that up because I didn’t want to get up early on a Sunday morning haha! I go to the gym a lot, and I do a bit of boxing, but not actually training because I don’t want to ruin my face; so I just do the pads and stuff.

Tell us how you got into modelling.
Well, when I was around 15 I went to London with a mate and I got scouted, but I never really did anything with it at the time because I was in college and wouldn’t have been able to come to London from Surrey. So a couple of years later, my mum had this hairdresser that she was quite good friends with and she was working with lots of models and she said that I should definitely email Models1 as she’d worked with them and thought I had the right look. So I did and they brought me in for a test shoot and it all took off from there.Now name some Dislikes.

How long have you been with Models1 now?
Since the end of April, so not too long; about 6 months.

What have been your highlights in that period?
I did the Label M campaign which I went to go see the release of the other day, it was up at Battersea Power Station actually, so that was good.

What would be your dream campaign to do?
I dunno, I’m quite an ambitious person, so I would love to be up there with David Gandy and the likes of that! I want to do something with Paco Rabanne or some sort of big cologne thing. I want to be on TV, in an advert at the very least haha.

Can you give me three random Jordan facts?
Ooooh that’s hard! I’m a very musical person. I play piano, bass and I sing, so yeah I enjoy doing all that. I’m very sociable, I’m all about socialising. I can’t sit around the house and do nothing unless I’m doing it with someone else, you know what I mean? I hate being on my own. My dancing is terrible; its unbelievable, like before gangnam style came out I was doing that; genuinely like dancing a lot like the guy. So now I’ve had to adjust my dancing moves cause everyone thinks I’m doing gangnam style and that’s just how I dance!

What sort of music do you play?
I’m actually in a band, which I play the bass in. We have quite a lot of Mod influences, a little bit of Arctic Monkeys… stuff like that.  We want to bring the British band thing back in, so we’re going to Paul Weller’s recording studio at the end of this month, gonna lay down some tracks there. So then we’ll send out our demos and see where we get! Into Tomorrow is the name.

Is there anything that makes you angry?
I don’t think there is, I’m like really placid person… although actually when my computer or phone doesn’t work without reason that makes me so angry. Like if I’m trying to print something out and the printer wont work I just turn into a Granddad and just kick off.

Do you believe in destiny?
I’m quite a spiritual person, I read a book called ‘The Secret’, I don’t know if you’ve heard of it? Its really interesting actually, it changes the way you think, its all about how the universe is constructed from peoples’ conscience and stuff, and like your thoughts have a lot of power; so you rule your life with your own thoughts. So a really negative person who’s negative all the time will have bad luck. If you wake up in the day and the first thing you do it stub your toe, you’re probably going to have a bad day because you’ve got that bad thought circulating; so the book sort of teaches you that if you try and get rid of the bad thoughts or feelings by maybe listening to some happy music or something and you can have a better day.

– Photos & words: Cecilie Harris
– Grooming by Stephen Hamilton
– Jordan wears top by Molotov and trousers by Orri Henrisson. Jeans models own

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