Name: Roo Holbrook
Age: 18
Agency: FM

That’s quite an uncommon name?
Yes, my real name is Rupert, but I don’t really like it. I prefer to be Roo. My girlfriend calls me Roo Bear.

What’s good about being 18?
You can do everything you could when you were 16. It’s basically the same, I’m doing everything I’ve been doing since I was 16. Oh no, I can drive now! I have a car. It’s really slow. I have a picture of it on my phone. Oh no….I may not. This could be really awkward. But I do have a picture of my cat.

What is interesting about Roo?
So many things haha. I can’t start, it’s just so interesting. I just need some time to gather myself. Shall I do bullet points?
* He’s hilariously funny. Or he thinks he’s funny. He laughs at his own jokes. You should never laugh at your own jokes.
* He drives a cool car. It’s really old and slow. Ladies don’t love it. I was gonna say, ladies love it, but they don’t. They don’t like it at all, as it’s kind of rusty and disgusting.
* I have a horse, who’s name is horse. That’s a true fact.
* I have no sense of direction at all.
* I can cook. Suffle.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
I wanted to do children’s presenting on TV, like on Blue Peter, or any other children’s shows that are popular now.

So you can act as well as model?
Yes I’ve done some acting. And I want to take singing lessons as well soon.

So you can sing?
No not really that well, but that’s the point of singing lessons isn’t it? haha It’s gonna make me amazing at the end of it. Like an opera singer. I want to be able to act, sing and dance.

Can you dance?
I can do the worm. I could do it now if you want? Most castings that are filmed I do the worm, so it’s getting a bit old now. I could just pretend to do it and you could say #RooDoesWorm.

Are you enjoying modelling?
Yes I am. And I’m normally early, cause I have to plan my route as I live just outside London.

What’s your favourite modelling experience so far?
I went to Venice for a while with Benetton, that was really cool. And I’ve done stuff for Calvin Klein, Marks & Spencer, Money Clothing, Republic and many more.

What would be your dream job to land?
Prada or Burberry would be really cool. And Jack Wills. I went to their casting, I did the worm.

Is there anything else that you want the readers of Phoenix to know?
Does it have to be really deep and meaningful?

But can it be?

Yes. Say something powerful.
Ok. The world is a massive place full of many people. I am just one person, and I’m hoping to make a difference through modelling. Thank you.

– Photos & words: Cecilie Harris

 – Roo wears designs by Orri Henrisson

 – Grooming by Stephen Hamilton

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