Name: Finn Donnelly

Age: 20

Hometown: Twickenham

Agency: AMCK

What’s the biggest challenge of modeling? The not knowing of it all – not knowing when the next job is, where the next pay cheque’s coming from and not knowing where I’m gong to be in the next six months.

Do you ever get nervous before a shoot? Not so much. I get quite excited, I’m always happy to shoot.

How do you learn how to be a model, does the agency train you? After about two and and a half years I still haven’t learnt everything. I’ve definitely picked tips and tricks of the trade; I got taught how to walk quite intensivly.

 What was your first ever photo shoot? A test with Nic Heikkinen in Hackney.

 What makes a good photographer in your view? A photographer that gives good direction and stays calm the whole way through. Relaxed photographers are the ones you want to go back to.

Is it exciting to see your work in a magazine? YEAH! It’s more exciting when my friends point it out or when they send links and ask all sorts of questions.

Do you have a long term plan? Not really… I think I’ll model as long as I can whilst the traveling is good and whilst there’s a market for me.

What will you do when you’ve had enough of modeling? I’ve gotten back into acting.

If you could have a super power what would it be? To fly.

– Finn from AMCK

– Images by Leigh Keily

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