Name: JD

Age: 20

Hometown: Guildford

3 Likes: Hot Baths, Cold Showers, Snow Days

3 Dislikes: People who stand on the left on the escalators on the tube, Spicy food, Raw tomatoes

Most random thing you’ve been asked to do on a shoot? Naked writhing…

Any bad habits? Smoking

Best thing about being a model? Work is always different.

Best thing about London? Always busy, always a night out somewhere – and always a way back.

What do you look for in a LOVER? Honesty and intelligence.

Digital or Analogue? Digital

Fashion item/clothing you cant live without? Shoes

Do you think you can express yourself within a photograph? My job is usually to portray whatever expression the photographer is looking for, so yes, I can express myself within a photograph – but the expression comes from the photographer’s direction.

– JD from M+P

– Images by Henry Gorse

– Styled by Matt Fox

Blue cashmere, mohair & silk jumper and grey wool over coat – Jenny Schwarz

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