Name: Max Wallis

Agency: Models 1

Age: 22

Home town: Manchester

3 Likes: Poetry/Videogames/Science

3 Dislikes: Maths/Ignorance/Arrogance

What’s the best flavour of ice cream? Ben&Jerry’s Jamaican Me Crazy!

If you could invent an olympic sport, what would it be? Napkin folding and Hulahooping

Favourite place in London? Rooftops

Best chat up line? If I was an enzyme I’d be DNA helicase to unzip your genes

Who’s your celebrity crush? Rachel Weisz

Tell us one thing about you that might surprise us… I’m a published poet. My first book ‘Modern Love’ came out in July 2011. I was then given an award by the arts council to write my next book ‘Jack Frost & The Swans’. I’m currently writing a collection called ‘Love & Cameras’ about modelling.

– Josh Rowley from Models 1 

– Images by Damiana D’Ascenzi

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