Photographer Cecilie Harris interviews top male model Sid Ellisdon for this special edition of Male Model Monday.

Name: Sid Ellisdon

Age: 21

Hometown: Slough

Can you share some random Sid facts? 
I’m half Swedish. I’m a massive meat eater. Don’t really like sweets or anything. I eats lots of chicken in particular, possibly a hundred a week. I probably spend all my money on chicken!

I used to be a painter and decorator. I once completely decorated a house that had been fire bombed. everything was completely distorted, and we had to redo everything. That was pretty cool to have redone, and at the end it was lovely.

I used to love doing magic. I wanted to be a magician when I was younger.

What are you passionate about?
At the moment I am obsessed with the gym. I’m pretty skinny, but I’m going pretty much every day at the moment. I should be massive with all the work I’m putting in at the moment, but I’m naturally so skinny so I’ve just got the body of Mr. Bean. But I’ll get there in the end :).

What makes you happy?
Sunny days. Sunny days down the park with a nice drink. Relaxing. Nothing to worry about. That’s just the best, innit?

We’ve got lots of them in London a the moment….
Haha yeah….! Once a year I’m happy. No, hopefully we’ll have a few more this summer.

You find a genie lamp and get three wishes, what do you wish for? 
I would wish for all my family to be healthy. Then to have just enough money to have a nice house, nice car, and just a little bit extra. And for world peace.

What’s your favourite place in the world?
Parks and woodland. They’re just so chilled to hang out in. And Sweden is cool. It’s a beautiful and clean country, I used to go back quite a lot when I was a kid.

What’s the perfect meal?
Chicken! Nandos specifically. It drove my girlfriend mad every week going to Nandos. I cook myself as well though.

Can you cook stuff yourself that’s similar to Nandos?
Yep. But do you know what really annoys me? The sauces that they sell at Nandos and that they have in the restaurant are different, so it doesn’t taste exactly the same.

If you could choose a sport to participate in for the London 2012 Olympics what would it be and why?
I would probably say boxing, although I’d probably get my head kicked in.

Do you actually know how to box? 
Yes I do, I’ve done a little bit of boxing every now and then. It’s not that convenient to combine it with modelling, obviously. In an Olympic situation I’d be kicked out straight away haha!

Photos & wordsCecilie Harris

Sid Ellisdon with Models 1 special thanks to Mark.

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