Name: Andrew Hulme

Age: 23

Hometown: Manchester

3 Likes: Film photography, Manchester United, Mango

3 Dislikes: Cotton wool, Twins, Manchester City

What’s the best flavor of ice cream? Mint Chocolate Chip

If you could invent an Olympic sport, what would it be? FIFA

Favourite place in London? Nin Com Soup

Best chat up line? Do you like to dance? Go and dance then while I talk to your mate.

Who’s your celebrity crush? Richard Gere

Tell us one thing about us that might surprise us… I speak 12 languages.

Photography: Phoenix Long
Model: Andrew Hulme at Storm
Grooming: Yelena Konnova
Hair: Lolo Paige

Andrew wears: Red t shirt by Junk de Luxe ; Plaid top model’s own.

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