Name: Florian Neuville

Age: 22

Hometown: Brussels – Paris

3 Likes: Reading, Writing and the smell of old books

3 Dislikes: Electronic Books, Sun and lots of tourists in one place

Any bad habits? Sleeping a lot!

Item I can’t live without: A good book

Dream Vacation destination: Ireland with my Grandmother

One thing you like about yourself and one thing you would change: I don’t smoke and I would become a vegetarian.

Top 3 songs you’re listening to right now:

  • Grimes – Genesis
  • Dragonette – Live in This City
  • The Corrs – Breathless

Name one model you would love to work with: Kirsten Dunst

First thing I would buy if I won the lottery: A cottage in Ireland

Last text message you recieved? “Fuck I don’t know anyone, I’m nervous”

– Florian from Models 1

– Images by Leigh Keily 

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