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Astrid Andersen:

The first to show in the talented trio of designers at MAN on the sunny June morning was Astrid Andersen, and the excitement was palpable.  Astrid Andersen’s new-era sportswear is a collection that shines a new light on what it is to be a man in sports-luxe.  A combination of her AW12 neon palette and her SS12 lace and sheer movement, the SS13 collection showed a fusion of these facets, producing something quite sensational.

The SS13 collection continued her exploration into the ways of the stylish athletic male.  Basketball wear cuts, elongated waists, long torsos and longer shorts provided the backdrop to many looks, but additions of lace, sheer fabrics and florals lightened and brightened, giving the collection a real edge.

Agi and Sam:

“Granddad, please can we watch cartoons now?” Agi and Sam’s delightful new collection absolutely stormed the Old Sorting Office catwalk.  Totally tongue in cheek moustaches paired with granny-chic paisley, print-over-print and double stripes culminated in a fabulous collection that really showed a playful side to LONDON  COLLECTIONS.

A mix of models produced giggles from the audience, and showed the collection’s diversity to a tee.  A stunning finale of aviators and the most stylish socks and sandals we’re likely to see this summer totally sealed the deal.  Eight-bit patterns clashed with oranges, red and nude shades in a very colourful array of the duo’s fabulous attention to detail.

Providing a real breath of fresh air to the scene, we can only hope for more amazing designs from the talented duo.  For SS13 there is no doubt that their humorous taste has been continued, maintaining their place at the forefront of emerging men’s fashion.

Shaun Samson:

The show notes instructed us that we would be taking a ‘peek into teen angst’, and so we prepared for punky, punchy riot wear, a collection to shock and startle.  Thankfully there were no skipped heart beats in Shaun Samson’s beautifully presented, patterned, long-sock inclusive collection, instead something truly inspired.

Lazy adolescence could be sniffed out from the first look to the last, oversized garments added to the teen cool feeling, long kitty print T-shirts, some embellished with rings and studs, some with dagger sharp blades protruding from the front.  A real mix of teen angst was portrayed in the collection, Dad shirts panelled with neon cuffs and fronts brought out a pjyama vibe, and paired with Dad socks and sandals added to a theme of relaxation.

Boxer short checks and plaids were layered over naked torsos and additional shirts tied around waists to really promote Samson’s exploration of the adolescent journey.

– Eleanor Doughty  

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